Just bring your dirty dog – we supply the rest and clean up the mess!

We provide professional pet grooming services and a self-serve option for those who want to bathe their pets themselves, but don’t want to clean up the mess. No appointment is necessary for self-serve baths.

The prices for self-serve bathing includes waist-high stainless steel tubs, shampoos, conditioners, combs, brushes, towels and force air dryers. Full-serve bathing is done on an appointment basis by one of our staff members. Prices are as follows:

Size of Dog
Full Serve*
Small $14.00 $28.50
Medium $17.50 $32.00
Large $21.00 $40.00
Extra Large $25.50 $45.00
Jumbo $30.00 $60.00

*Full Serve includes bath, ear-cleaning, drying and brush out after bath.
*Starting prices, depending on coat & hair volume.


Our other services for dogs include:

  • Nail Trimming/Grinding…$15.00/$5.00
  • Nail Polish…$10.00
  • De-Shedding…$25.00/hr
  • De-Matting…$25.00/hr
  • Specialty Shampoo…$3.00
  • Potty Trim…$10.00
  • Face Trim…$10.00
  • Face Trim/Nails/Potty Trim…$30.00

All of our prices are subject to change, and we reserve the right to refuse service based on a pet’s behavior.

Professional Grooming

We offer full service grooming which includes nails, pads, ear-cleaning, bath, drying, sanitary trim and styling. The prices for this vary by breed.

When we take care of your pet you can rest easy knowing that we will treat them as if they were our own. We also love to have fun, and offer some creative grooming options like fur dye! Appointments are scheduled throughout the day to accommodate owners and minimize the amount of time your pet spends in the shop.

About De-matting:

Matted pet hair can cause serious problems for you and your pet. Air cannot circulate to the skin causing irritation and can lead to infections. Mats also can pull tightly on your pets skin causing discomfort and even sores. De-matting is the process of removing matted hair from your pet’s coat. Regular combing can prevent the formation of mats. All pets receiving full service bath or grooming services must be free of heavy matting. Bathing a pet that has matted fur will cause the mats to tighten, and they will become more difficult to remove. Minor matting can be worked out by your groomer, but takes time. Ask us about our maintenance program if your pet is prone to matting.

About De-shedding:

De-shedding is the process of removing your pet’s dead undercoat. This will help reduce the amount of pet hair you find around the house.