Welcome to Jersey Dawg

Just bring your dirty dog – we supply the rest and clean up the mess!

Dog Wash

At Jersey Dawg, we provide everything you need to bathe your pet. Waist-high, stainless steel tubs, shampoos, conditioners, combs, brushes, towels and force air dryers… all at your fingertips.

What makes us different is that we are one of only a few facilities offering self-serve pet bathing for those who just love washing their pets but don’t want the mess in the house. No appointment is needed for self-serve or to have your pet’s nails get a professional pedicure.

We also offer full-serve, by appointment so you can let us do all the work. For pets needing a professional styling, cut, and grooming, we are more than happy to make an appointment for your pet with one of our groomers to keep your pet looking their best.